Friday, March 4, 2011

Retard-a-Saurus #2

While working on cleaning a register with a very obvious CLOSED sign on it.
C: :stares at me:
Me: "Um....can I help you?"
C: "Is this register open? Or is it the one the lights on?"
Me: :stares and points at the closed sign: "The one with the light....."
C: "Oh, I didn't know cuz I was standing there for 3 seconds and there was no one there."
Me: "..........."


This happened on Easter Sunday......note Easter colors are pastels...light blue, pink, yellow....etc....
Everyone in a 20 foot radius: .....:stares:.....

If you make me go back over to the service desk to get the "right" box of cifarettes more than two times, you will be coming over to the service desk to show my EXACTLY what box it is you want. Otherwise you're either getting whatever I bring over or you're not getting anything at all.


C: "Can't you go faster? Or open another lane? I'm in a big hurry!"
Me: "I'm sorry, it's only 5:30am and I'm the only cashier here. I....can get the manager to open a lane for you?"
C: "No. I've already been in this line for twenty minutes. I'll just wait."
Other C: "Then shut up."
Me: "Okay then......." :goes slowly on purpose:

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