Sunday, February 6, 2011


     Alice was running.
     She was running, but the terror was still behind her. She could hear it rumbling, devouring everything in its path. She had already lost Tony, Meg and Nate to its power. Would it catch up to her soon as well? She paused for a second, hands on her knees, panting heavily like a dog that has been running in the sun. She felt an odd sensation in her heels--similar to those pins and needles you feel when your foot falls asleep--followed by a very sharp and pronounced pain shooting up her body.
     Alice whirled around. The Horror was there already, sucking greedily at first the color of her shoes, then the shoes themselves and then finally the feet formerly encased by the cloth and rubber of her shoes. She let out a high, piercing shriek that destroyed her vocal cords for good. She resumed her running; on toes and heels that were no longer there, trying to ignore the pain that was spreading through her legs and forcing her knees to involuntarily buckle.
     She ran, tears filling her vision. The tears, coupled with her legs acting a lot like jello, caused her to crash into a lot of trees. No just any trees either. These were Old Trees, which were especially dangerous simply because they wanted to kill you. They ripped up their roots, making her trip into rocks and cobwebs and other things you might find on a forest floor.
     Alice struggled to an upright position after bashing her nose on a good sized rock. She was a bloody mess, but now was not the time to stop and tend to her wounds. Now she had to run like she had never run before to escape from the Horror that was still chasing her.
     She came abruptly to very high cliff. Alice could hear the Horror behind her. Crashing, smashing, destroying everything its slimy tendrils touched. It encountered the Old Trees and ran into some trouble as they were so much more evil than itself. Alice hurled herself over the edge of the cliff just as the Horror reached out for her feet again.
     The Horror poured itself over the cliff after her, catching her halfway down and annihilated her.

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